730 km south of the Egyptian capital , the populous and giant Cairo, there is a much smaller city that does not reach half a million inhabitants. I’m talking about Luxor, a city split in two by the world’s longest river, the great Nile , ancient Egyptian empire shaft.

Getting to the city is very easy , just have to take a plane arrived at the International Airport in the city, or better yet, if we are in Cairo, you can travel by train to this city. Transportation within the city itself is quite poor and traffic is chaotic at times so moving walk, the better. If we (and believe me it’s worth) across the river to see the other side of town we will reach or cross the bridge in one of the old rafts.

This city has a very important security for tourists , and not being giant, who visits will not feel as lost as you could in Casablanca, Cairo and other cities in northern Africa. This city is ideal for those who admire the culture of ancient Egypt or for all those lovers of historical tourism, archaeology and architecture.

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