The best African destinations to visit in 2019 stand out for their diversity of wildlife, culture, natural scenery, safety and security and a variety of activities you can do get the most of African safari holidays.

South Africa

This is one of the richest countries in Africa. South Africa’s tourism industry is well developed with world class infrastructure and facilities. South Africa is particularly well known destination for varied holidays; from classic big 5 safaris, to history, wine tours, beach and nice city vacation accommodation.

South Africa has 43 national parks and game reserves. Kruger and sabi sands are the premier safari destinations and top picks for most safari goers looking to encounter big 5 mammals. You can have the options for self-drive or tailored itinerary for a wildlife viewing safari. The amazing destinations like Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands deliver big 5 experience and nice wilderness vacation.


Zimbabwe is known for the spectacular Victoria Falls a natural world wonder, but the country is also diverse and friendly. Because of the political situation and economic hardships, Zimbabwe has been off the tourist radar for many years. However things are changing and now it’s on the travel map. Located in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is considered as an emerging African travel destination and presents a chance for travelers to discover its hidden attractions. It is a land locked country and its landscape is dominated by mountains, Zambezi River, waterfalls, savannah plains, tropical forests and wetlands which provide habitat for flora and fauna. Wildlife including big 5 African mammals; elephants, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard, various antelopes, birds you can find in Zimbabwean national parks.  Plus some breathtaking landscapes, from the savannah grasslands to spectacular water falls particularly the Victoria Falls where the River Zambezi plunges 106 meters over into deep gorges. The area around Victoria Falls is now designated as a national park attracting many hotels, lodges and resorts that provide accommodation. Victoria Falls is now a hub from where to embark on game drives, rafting trip of the Zambezi River, bungee jumping. For a wildlife safari, the top Zimbabwe national parks for big 5 safaris are Hwange and Mana national parks which are home to elephants, buffalo, zebra, sable antelope, and predators including lion, leopard, hyenas.

History and culture of Zimbabwe is also something you should be eager to experience. the dramatically named great Zimbabwe a city ruined city that was the capital holds remains of southern Africa’s civilizations.


Tanzania is one of the top African tourism destinations according to many travelers. The abundance of wildlife especially big 5 mammals and wildebeest migration, Africa’s tallest peak Mount Kilimanjoro, the Indian Ocean, the acacia- baobab studded savanna, rift valley landscapes make Tanzania a rewarding safari destination for travelers. With all that you can have any type of holiday, whether its adventure, wildlife safari, mountaineering, beach and island relaxation, research, history and culture. Just mention it you will find a package in Tanzanian national parks.

There are 3 main safari circuits, the most popular being the northern circuit which include Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro conservation area, Tanrangire national park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara, and Arusha national park.

The other safari circuits include western zone bordering the Indian Ocean include 5 parks such as Gombe stream, Mhale, Rubondo which provide chimpanzee tracking experience. Off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, there’s Zanzibar islands, a destination for beach sunbathing and relaxation, water sports such as diving, snorkeling among others.

The southern circuit includes Kitulo, Ruahua, Mikumi, Udzungwa national parks. As you can imagine Tanzania has the largest of its land reserved for wildlife conservation thus you can’t even tour it all as a first time or seasoned safari goer.

With so much to do and see, the best way getting around Tanzania is arranging a safari with a trusted tour operator

Tanzania has long been politically stable and it’s the economic development can be seen in the capital Dar es Salaam and major cities including Arusha, Mwanza and Zanzibar city. Major roads from these cities offer access to national parks by road or flying by charter planes.


Kenya is a great safari destination for wildlife viewing. It offers great wildlife viewing safari for big 5 African mammals and the wildebeest migration in Masai-Mara wildlife reserve. A safari in Kenya is also about traditional African cultural encounter with the Masai people known for their colorful beads and jewelry.

Kenya has extensive network of 26 national parks and reserves characterized by rift valley landscape and savannah grassland plains which offer a truly African wilderness vibe. Particularly in the central part of the country which provide habitat to big 5 African mammals, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and cats including cheetah.

Because of this abundance of big game, Kenya is undeniably the best African tourism destinations to visit in 2019.

Kenya’s premier safari destinations include Masai-Mara wildlife reserve that offer the best chance of potting big cats and witness the annual wildebeest migration- world’s greatest wildlife spectacle.

The big five mammals especially black rhinos are present in other popular Kenya safari parks including Amboseli, Lake Nakuru national park, Lewa wildlife conservancy, Marsabit national park. For birding trips, large flocks of flamingos are found in Lake Baringo.

In addition to classic game viewing, Kenya’s western coast along the Indian Ocean offers beach holidays in Mombasa, baobab beach resort Diani and Lamu islands with lots of resorts and hotels and Swahili culture.

Kenya also has several animal rehabilitation centers including David Sheldrick wildlife trust, Nairobi animal orphanage located in Nairobi national park, ol pejeta conservancy, lewa and giraffe center. These are places to visit for a good cause to support the conservation of endangered wildlife. You can feed giraffes at giraffe center, play with elephants and black rhinos.

Kenya also has national parks that offer hiking, mountaineering such as Mount Kenya conservation trust and the forests of Kakamega are home to monkeys. Cycling among wildlife is provided in hell’s gate national park.

The tourism industry is well developed with modern infrastructure and the gateway for safari to Kenya is Nairobi international airport. The easy to access of the Kenyan safari parks is Nairobi national park located right in the city and it’s perfect for 1 day tour. Most of the other parks can be accessed by road, though the distance can be quite long. However there are two modern airports; Jomo Kenyatta international airport, Moi international airport, Wilson airport where flights operate daily into national parks.

Uganda the pearl of Africa

Uganda is a landlocked located in East Africa across the equator. It has equatorial climate, good weather and receives sunshine 365 days a year. It’s a good place to avoid winter. For 33 years of political stability, Uganda is a safe destination and the people are friendly and welcome foreigners. The capital Kampala is one the vibrant cities and the economic development has led to development of other major towns such as Jinja, Fort Portal, Mbarara and Gulu which offer a wide range of historical and cultural attractions.

This country is considered the best African tourism destination because it has diverse natural resources that offer diverse tourism opportunities including tracking gorillas and chimpanzees in tropical rain forests and viewing big game wildlife in savannah.

Blessed with Lake Victoria, tropical islands, source of River Nile, tropical forests, savannah wilderness, snowcapped Ruwenzori Mountains, volcanoes, Uganda is rich in wildlife. Half of the world’s mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and 13 species of primates live in Uganda. You can enjoy a gorilla safari experience in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and track chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park.

Aside from discovering the great apes; gorillas and chimpanzees, with 10 national parks Uganda is great for game drive safari and river Nile boat trips in Murchison Falls National Park, horseback rides in Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and rhino trekking experience at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Uganda. If you want relaxation, you might include Lake Victoria Sesse islands or Lake Bunyonyi which are romantic gateways for honeymooners. Jinja city at the source of River Nile is a destination loved by adrenaline junkies, a rafting/ kayaking trip will get thrilled by the mighty class 4-5 rapids of the Nile.

Another great choice for adventure lovers, Mgahinga volcanoes, Ruwenzori Mountains, Mount Elgon, a hiking trip will guide you around these great mountains and take high up the Virunga volcanoes and rift valley experiencing Uganda from above and below.


Botswana is one of the eco conscious countries that strive to promote sustainable tourism. And this cause has given it an edge as one of the top destinations for safari in Africa. It’s a country of diverse landscapes, wildlife and culture that are well preserved. The country’s premier safari destination is Okavango delta- the world’s largest inland delta forming a series of lagoons, swamps, water channels, rivers which are home huge concentrations of wildlife. It has the big 5, zebras, giraffes and rare animals such as African wild dog.

Riding a mokoro traditional canoe is a unique ways to view wildlife and it’s not found anywhere else than Okavango delta.

Owing to a range of national parks including Chobe national park known for large herds of elephants, Makgadkigadi where zebra migration takes place. Botswana is thus full of diverse safaris such as game drives and boat cruise safaris, hot air balloon safari, walking safaris, camping, horseback riding and much more.

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