Looking for that one romantic or unique destination to spend your holiday with your dear one? When planning for a safari to Africa, not every destination is worth exploring and there are very few that have always never missed in most travelers’ plans. Perhaps you have always wondered why thousands of travelers are attracted to some particular places and not others. Or your dream has been to have the best of authentic African experiences and you are not sure of where to go. Well, let 2019 not stress you that much because Africa is that one most romantic and unique destination you need to consider a must to visit and to be honest, you won’t be left in regrets. With plenty in offer, Africa is best described as the Mother continent for many reasons and significantly, being the world’s ancient continent with diverse natural wonders. A visit to this magical continent offers you the best of its scenic Lakes, beaches, wildlife, lush vegetation, majestic mountains a mention but a few.

Below are a few magical experiences you need to try out while on safari in Africa.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

What differentiates Uganda from the rest of the world is nothing but is unique wildlife. For any plans to spend your holiday in Africa, Uganda is that one magical destination you need to consider a must to visit. While on safari in Uganda, gorilla trekking should be a must in your bucket. Uganda features among the 3 only destinations in the world where mountain gorillas thrive and where you can track them while in their natural habitat. Gorilla treks in this stunning country is only possible in the jungles of Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park. The two parks are situated in southwestern Uganda just at a border area with DR Congo. About 15 groups have been habituated for this thrilling adventure in Uganda and 2 are also available for gorilla habituation experience. To take part in this primate adventure in Uganda, you need a permit which you can obtain at $600. Permits can be purchased through ground tour operator or through reservationist at Uganda Wildlife Authority. A part from Uganda, mountain gorillas also thrive in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. A trek to see a group of these dramatic creatures rewards travel endeavors with lasting memories.

Witness the great wildebeest migration

The great wildebeest migration is that one most dramatic wildlife experience you shouldn’t miss while on safari in Africa. If you are interested in lifetime experiences then wildebeest migration has it all for you. Get the best of this wildlife experience in Masai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park and you won’t remain the same. It is such a rewarding safari that you need not to miss to be part.


If you are interested in life changing adventures then do not miss try mountaineering while on safari in Africa. For thrilling hiking experiences, the notable mountains that shouldn’t miss in your bucket list include Mount Rwenzori, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, the Table Mountain a mention but a few.

Taste the African cuisine

If you have always wished to have a taste of traditional dishes then Africa has it all for you. The magical encounter with incredible wildlife alone isn’t enough and a taste of traditional meal is a true reward of authentic African experience. Different countries offer different traditional dishes and this means you are guaranteed of distinct experiences. While on safari, spare some time and pay a visit to one of nearby communities for cultural experience and you will have the best of African experiences in your life.

Explore Botswana’s wilderness

Perhaps you are looking for that one romantic place to have memorable experience with your dears and if so, then Botswana gets you covered. Get the best of lasting memories in Botswana’s Okavango delta and the legendary Savuti in Chobe National Park.

In conclusion, Africa has a lot more in offer and if it is unique experiences that you wish to have this coming holiday then the above listed safari experiences should be a must in your bucket list.

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