When you think about breathtaking adventures, the visiting Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) should be a must to visit area for you while on safari in Africa. Besides the violent history and the political instability, DRC is exceptionally a natural paradise in Africa. It refuges not only the remarkable mountain gorillas, or the endangered Eastern lowland gorillas but also the tremendous Mount Nyiragongo which is confined within the Virunga National Park. A hike to this glamorous volcano allows you to explore its Lava Lake which features as the largest and the most powerful Lake in the world. Mount Nyiragongo is believed to have exploded for over 40 times, leaving several physical features that formed as result of Lava flow and cooling. Hiking adventures to Mount Nyiragongo are mostly combined with mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park.

Mount Nyiragongo hike is a breathtaking and the most sought after adventure. However, planning for a safari to this spectacular destination can be stressing and requires adequate time. Note that traveling with prior knowledge of what is expected of you is best way for you to benefit from this strenuous experience and also can make your planning simpler for your holiday. Make a list of items to come with, and they can be different depending on the kind of adventure that you have planned in the country like Democratic Republic of Congo. It is always advisable that while you plan your trip, make sure that you pack based on the purpose of your safari. Take you time and consider everything important otherwise packing list for Mount Nyiragongo hike can be totally different from the packing list for picnic tours. For visitors who may prefer to have wide range of activities to participate while on a safari, you will certainly have to bear with a cost for gear that is required of you.

Make sure that your clothing is well organized in compartments based on the type of adventure you are partaking. For hiking adventures at Mount Nyiragongo, you need to consider the basics especially lightweight clothing, long sleeved shirts/T-shirts, sweaters of fleece jackets and tank tops, pants and shits and many more.

Below is a list of items for you to pack for Mount Nyiragongo hike

While packing, always make sure that you have all your documents that are required in travel which include your passports, documents, boarding pass, pen, identicard, yellow vaccination card, credit card for any emergency. Arranging these items in advance will allow you collect those that required to be picked from other places at a right time rather than waiting till the actual travel date then you start stressing yourself.

Clothing, when it comes to which clothes to pack consider warm clothes that really make you more comfortable while enjoying the activity. Consider long sleeved shirts, t-shirts, that do not make you to over sweat while hiking, 4 pairs of socks, rain pants to help you hike more flexibly, underwear to allow you keep changing especially if have many days to spend in destination. Do not forget rain jacket, given the nature of the habitat, you have to expect rains at anytime and you will need a rain jacket or poncho to protect you from the rains.

Also take note of the weather and this means that you will need a light but warm sweater, it can be cold and you will need to warm yourself at night. When it rains, you will need something heavier clothing especially winter jackets or warm clothes. For cases of sun raises, you need sun glasses or sun screen.

After you have booked for your Congo safari, make sure that you cross check your passports and identity card to find out whether are expired or not or they will expire while you are on safari. You will need a copy of your passport, driver’s license, medical cards and trip plan and you can email them to your address such that if anything occurs to you can obtain them online.

Waterproof hiking boots are also recommended for this adventure mainly to keep the water out your feet. Hiking through Mount Nyiragongo is strenuous and requires you to be fit with your gear. Slippers may not be helpful. Your hiking boots should offer support your ankle while you walk to the top of the mountain.

Toiletries, you will need toothpaste and toothbrush. In case the place has tap water then small vial of shampoo and conditioner can be important to help you refresh.

Pack some emergency kits or first aid box. In case of anything, you will need first aid and of which if you carried your kit you can be in position help yourself in case of injuries.

Day pack should be a must for you but this should be packed lightly to avoid overload while hiking. Pack appropriately and note that not everything in the house should be brought for this adventure and if you are to be camp then you certainly need not that much. The bag should be waterproof to keep your things dry throughout the safari.

You will need headlamp or light, you may not find light the top of the camp as it is basic and means that a headlamp is ideal for your adventure or flashlight.

Do not forge your camera, from the foothill of this volcano you will have a lot more to explore up to the top and you will need to shoot some photos.

Portable chargers are important to help you charge your gear.

Other items that may be of use include bottle of water and snacks to help boost energy as you hike, walking stick that can be got at the station, porters can also be hired at the park station where the hike starts from to help you carry the heavy load while hiking, sleeping bag and many more. Remember the hike is strenuous and requires some physical wellness.

In conclusion, Mount Nyiragongo is Congo’s tremendous volcanoes that you shouldn’t miss to visit for breathtaking adventures. It offers lifetime experiences with spectacular views of the surrounding areas as well as its stunning Lava Lake. With the above packing list we believe that as you plan your safari to this magnificent volcano you will be guided on which item to pack and not to pack like you are going for picnic tour.

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