At the sound of it, traveling requires an ample amount of financial allowance for you to be able to get to where you are headed. It makes it worse if you are in a foreign country with foreign languages and foreign cultures. Most people who travel would save and save for years just so they can go to a place to squander around. Well, we are here to prove that you don’t have to have big bucks in your pockets to get to places. Nomads have proven it possible so did the homeless people and you are far better than them. If you still want to keep some money in your pockets, then, at least consider these tips for a cheap travel.

1. Be Open to Opportunities

The most successful travelers would always advise that for you to travel successfully, you have to be keen and observant on whatever chances that come your way. Be willing to take them. If you are a real traveler at heart, you would be open to asking for advice, help and guidance and mingle with locals. You have to be proactive. It’s amazing how humanity works and you might find your faith in it increasing by each person you encounter.

2. Rent your House

Now that we have passed the nomadic life in number one, we go to the more practical one. While you are away, your house will be empty. An opportunity to keep the money flowing while you are sprawling in the beautiful beaches of Bali, Indonesia or getting stuck on a heavy traffic in Manila, Philippines is to rent your house to someone who can be trusted to keep your house intact until you get back. You can advertise online or find a friend who needs the space. Prior to leaving your homes, though, review your candidates wisely to ensure your home is still in one piece when you return.

3. Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is one of the most famous hangouts of travelers. It is a worldwide community where locals provide space for co-members in the couch surfing world. There may have a little complaint on the site itself but overall, there are thousands of good people who would be willing to let you stay and tour you around your chosen country for a day or two. Also try couchsurf hopping. It is also a good medium to meet new friends.

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